Stone Pier Press is a environmental publishing house with a food focus. 

We produce books and news that highlight how to eat, grow, and dispose of our food in a way that builds a cooler, kinder, and healthier world. Our thinking is that by focusing on solutions we make it easier for any one of us to act on them. 

So we track down the farmers and gardeners who are using methods that reverse global warming, save water, and raise more nutritious crops. We highlight creative ways to get fresh, green food to underserved communities. We underscore the technologies revolutionizing the way we produce meat, dispose of food waste, and create alternatives to dairy. We make it delicious to serve up plant-based meals. And lots more.

Our team includes News Fellows, a group of talented college students and post-grads who share the good food message and produce our news. To distribute our books, we're partnering with Chelsea Green Publishing, a Vermont-based company long known and respected for its books on sustainable living. We also regularly team up with a growing list of mission-aligned nonprofits and businesses.

If you'd like to support the move toward a better food system, we'd love to hear from you - as an author, reader, potential partner, or supporter

Our News Fellows

Helping us report on what's going on and get out the word on how to become part of the solution, is our team of News Fellows. They're a big part of what allows our publishing company to push for change and we're grateful for their energy, smarts, and activism.


OUR partners

At Stone Pier Press, publishing books is a team effort. Together, with environmental, humane, and social justice groups plus mission-oriented businesses, we dream up book ideas and find creative ways to support our shared mission.