We want to make it easier to create a healthy and sustainable food system 



Stone Pier Press is a publishing house on a mission. We're betting that if more of us know it's possible to create a cooler, kinder, greener world by making easy tweaks to our diet and the way we grow food, we'd go ahead and make those changes. 

So our books and newsletters highlight what we can do, each of us, to make a difference. { See Why We Do This }

Our team includes News Fellows, a group of talented college students and post-grads who market and produce our news, along with expert book editors and designers. You can meet a few of them here. Stone Pier Productions, a creative agency for authors, is our sister company.

To distribute our books, we're partnering with nonprofits and businesses, including Chelsea Green Publishing, a Vermont-based company long known and respected for its books on sustainable living.

If you'd like to support the move toward a better food system, we'd love to hear from you - as an author, reader, aspiring partner, or supporter

our team

Our News Fellows

Publishing great books isn't the only way we're working to promote a greener food system. We're also building out a digital presence focusing on the ethical and environmental implications of our broken food production system. Helping us report on what's going on, and get out the word on how to become part of the solution, is our team of News Fellows. They're a big part of what allows our publishing company to push for change and we're grateful for their energy, smarts, and activism.


OUR partners

At Stone Pier Press, publishing books is a team effort. Together, with environmental, humane, and social justice groups plus mission-oriented businesses, we dream up book ideas and find creative ways to support our shared mission.