We're accepting manuscripts and book proposals

We're looking for books about good food; books that inspire support for climate-friendly, agriculturally sustainable, and good-for-us eating. We tilt toward stories that feature solutions and problem-solvers. But what's most important is that your book inspire greener eating, and be a really good read.

We'll consider narrative nonfiction, guidebooks, memoirs, young adult novels, biographies, and children's books. Among the books we're developing is a handbook for the backyard carbon farmer, the intensifying hunt for a humane burger, and a funny kid's book that kicks off a barnyard rescue series by introducing a pig named Sprig.

If you think your book proposal or manuscript is a good fit for us we'd love to hear from you.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a limit to the number of submissions we can accept every month. If you get blocked in our "submit" process, please email a cover letter describing your book (not the manuscript, please) to us at team@stonepierpress.org. Thank you!