Sprig the Rescue Pig

Sprig the Rescue Pig


Written by Leslie Crawford, Illustrated by Sonja Stangl

Things aren't looking good for Sprig, who is packed into a fast-moving truck with dozens of other pigs. He doesn't know where they're going but his nose knows there's something better out there. So with one dramatic leap, or really more of a tumble, Sprig sets out on a pig-centered adventure that leads him to his new best friend, a girl named Rory. Inspired by true events, this light-hearted tale introduces kids to an intelligent and inquisitive pig who finds his way to a good life.

The book includes a bonus section called More About Pigs, where curious readers can learn that pigs are smart enough to play video games, enjoy sleeping in cozy pig piles, run really fast, and other amazing facts.

Sy Montgomery, author of The Good Good Pig, said of the book: "May Sprig help people to see what wonderful individuals pigs truly are."

Sprig the Rescue Pig is the first children's book in our series on farm animals.

Target audience: Ages 4 to 7

ISBN: 978-0-99886-230-9

Publish Date: April 2, 2018 

Pages: 40

Size: 8 x 0.2 x 10

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B O O K   P R A I S E   &   P R E S S



R E L A T E D   M E D I A



A U T H O R   &   I L L U S T R A T O R

  Photo by Kerri Chappelka

Photo by Kerri Chappelka

Leslie Crawford


A journalist and editor for more than twenty years, Leslie Crawford has primarily written about health and education. It was thanks to her 12-year-old daughter Molly, who has never met an animal she doesn’t like, that Leslie developed an interest in writing about animals. Leslie lives in San Francisco with her two children, six chickens, four foster pigeons, and a bearded dragon lizard named Georgia.

 Sonja sketching at her desk.

Sonja Stangl


Sonja Stangl is an artist and illustrator from Austria. She studied multimedia art in Salzburg and now lives and works in Vienna, where she happily illustrates stories for books and animation. Learn more about Sonja at inky.land.